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Although unforeseen setbacks have delayed the relocation of my pottery studio to the farm, work is progressing, the new fiber kiln is nearing completion, the spray booth is ready for install and the shelves are waiting for freshly thrown pots.


As the word is spreading among my neighbors about what’s happening to this old, familiar barn, they are excited to have a place for art making in this very rural community. Please contact me and visit if you are up north, I may just give you a job.  



In 2023 my studio, Fortuna Pottery, will be relocating to Northern Wisconsin to the Fortuna Family Century Farm. The dairy barn is being repurposed into the Stone Barn Arts. The Art Gallery and Ceramics Studio will be located in the lower cow barn, the Glaze Lab will be located in the milk house and the Kiln Room will be located in the heifer barn. The Art Retreat will be located in the upper hay loft and will begin hosting visiting artists starting Summer 2023. There will be three private studios with access to common work areas. Artists will enjoy roaming the 80 acres of prairie, woods and wetlands and accommodations will be available in the renovated farm house.

Click here to view photos, to follow Stone Barn Arts exciting renovation progress and my big studio move to the farm.


My web shop has reopened. Please support the galleries which feature my work and I look forward to seeing everyone at this summer's pottery studio tours and art fairs.  

Forming function is a dance, often a tug-of-war between thought and object making.

Add to this dialogue the sheer joy of working with clay as materially responsive as porcelain and surfaces only possible through glass fusion and a dynamic is created which has become a life-long fascination.


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